Be prepared for Hurricane Season! Make sure your service stays UP when the power goes DOWN!
The black box/eMTA modem provides signal for your Telephone and/or Internet service. If the orange light labeled “Battery” is blinking when your box is plugged into a working electrical outlet – the battery charge is very LOW.  It is URGENT the battery is replaced IMMEDIATELY to make sure your phone continues to operate if you experience any extended power outages. Please visit an Innovative Business Office near you and we will give you a battery that is 100% fully charged – FREE of charge, or call 912 to make an appointment and we’ll bring the battery to you.
Don’t wait! Be prepared. Stay Connected.


Replacing Your Battery:
Remove Old Battery:

  • Turn the eMTA cable modem on its side with LEDs facing up (SBV6220/SVG2501) or to the right (SBV5222/5322), and remove the battery cover from the bottom.
  • Pull gently on battery tab to carefully slide the battery out.

Install New Battery:

  • Gently slide the new INNOVATIVE supplied battery into compartment until fully seated. The battery is keyed so it cannot be installed incorrectly.
    **MODEL SBV5222/SBV5322: BE SURE TO INSERT BATTERY IN SLOT 1 (far right side)
  • Re-install battery cover with the locking tabs seated downward, then push the cover forward.